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1. You previously put the code of our connection at your site. Just for this situation, your connection will be promptly initiated.

2. In the segment

You ought to show the specific location of the page of your site, where there is a code of our connection. In the event that the location is shown wrong, your connection will be erased.

3. We don’t trade joins with the space of the third level

4. We don’t trade joins with locales, in view of the free hostings.

5. We don’t trade joins with locales, which have meta labels: record, nofollow in their code, or concealing their bans against indexation in the document robots.txt.

6. We don’t trade joins with locales, which have no exchange to the index of connections from the primary page of the site or have circuitous connects to our destinations.

7. We don’t trade joins with destinations, which have PR of fundamental page under 1.

8. We continually will check the indexation of your site in Yandex and Google.

9. We dislike trade joins with destinations – connect ranches. Connection ranches it is, when in doubt, an index which have more than 20 for each page or have no highlights of the structure of the principle site.

10. The connection to your list ought to be on the primary page of the site.

11. The location of the connection ought to be consistent and ought not change while the expansion of new connections.

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